• Tai Chai, (arms only)

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Cynthia Maltenfort: Yoga, and Qigong Instructor

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“The ONE (Eternal One) gives birth to the TWO (the Tai Chi), The TWO gives birth to the THREE (the 3 Treasures) The THREE gives birth to the 10,000 THINGS.” Chapter 42 The Tao Te Ching - Lao Tsu    


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This week – Chakra 4

From stability, fluidity, and will, we will progress to a state of integration represented by the air element; the 4th …

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The Earth Breathing

I recently watched the Earth Breathing from a post I saw on Facebook. I was reminded that we are ALL …

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I AM movie great movie and book to read

                “Immortal Sisters” –  The secret teachings of Taoist Women – by Thomas …

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