• Tai Chai, (arms only)

2017 Schedule of Classes

Cynthia Maltenfort: Yoga, and Qigong Instructor

It is my goal and mission to help people of all ages and abilities progress on a path towards wellness through self-healing by using several ancient and modern healing systems including Yoga, Energy Medicine, Tai Chi and Qigong.

In the early 90’s I was diagnosed with an auto-immune system dysfunction which caused chronic pain, inflammation, fatigue, depression and anxiety. Western medicine practices did not bring relief and came with a variety of side effects. Eventually I began to look elsewhere for help. Fortunately, somewhere along my path I developed a belief in something greater, a feeling that anything is possible and the strength to never give up. I’ve also found that it takes hard work and and a supportive community to grow and learn and that everyone has something to share.

Believe in something greater,  Know anything is possible and  Never give up!

“The ONE (Eternal One) gives birth to the TWO (the Tai Chi),
The TWO gives birth to the THREE (the 3 Treasures)
The THREE gives birth to the 10,000 THINGS.”    Chapter 42 The Tao Te Ching – Lao Tsu


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Helpful hint 4 – Relaxed back stretch

After exercise the use of a carefully placed folded chair and blanket combined with a forward bend can help release …

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Inspiration 4 – “Empathy”

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Helpful hint 3 – Calf stretch

From the support of the arch we move on to stretching the calve. When we walk, run, or squat the …

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Helpful hint 2 – Arch Support

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